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Heineken (£0.86), a pale ale beer from the Heineken brewery from Netherlands produced with cool fermenting with an alcohol content of 5º. Uvinum users give to Heineken 3,7 points on 5.

Heineken - basic data

Beer ()
33 cl Other volumes
30L and 250ml
Cool Fermenting
Type of beer:
Pale Ale
Alcohol vol.:

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Beer beach bar without much pretension, and yet, perhaps chose another. Try to have a taste of some intensity, but in my opinion, gets halfway, without becoming a beer or soft body ideal for an aperitif or an intense beer further. by

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Maker's description · Heineken



STYLE: European Pale Ale, Lager type and Pilsner style. Low fermentation.

- Colour: Pale yellow.
- Taste: Creamy, barley and malt notes. Lightweight body with bitter taste fresh.

ABV: 5% Vol.

Heineken, the beer was born at night: the night of June 30, 1863, Gerard Adriaan Heineken wrote a letter to his mother. He had planned to buy a brewery: The Haystack, Amsterdam. Seizing the moment of crisis facing the sector acquired the facilities at a great price. He had big plans for the factory ...

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